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Write / Read EPROM Memories Siemens S5 – 6ES5375-0LC41

Write / Read memories EPROM siemens S5 6ES5375-0LC41.

We can Read and Write Siemens EPROM and EEPROM memories for the S5-90U, S5-95U, S5-100U and S5115U plcs.
We can write it from a copy of the program or we can move to make the recording.
Write / Read memories siemens S5
Write / Read EPROM and EEPROM Memories Submodules Siemens S5

The 6ES5375-0LC41 module is a memory EPROM module for industrial automation systems that use programmable controllers of the Siemens SIMATIC S5 series.

This module provides extra memory capacity for the PLC, allowing for storage of larger programs and data. The memory cartridge is an essential component in an automation system, as it allows for storage of information that is used for control and monitoring of the system.

The memory card 6ES5375-0LC41 is a type of non-volatile memory. This means that the data stored in the memory persists even after the system is turned off, which is essential for the continuous and reliable operation of the system.

Additionally, the module has a storage capacity that can range from 2 kilobytes to 8 kilobytes, allowing it to store a significant amount of information and programming.

Basically, the 6ES5375-0LC41 module is a really important part for industrial automation systems that use Siemens SIMATIC S5 series programmable controllers. It gives you extra memory space to store critical information and programming that you need to keep your automation system running smoothly.

We can write any model of EPROM and EEPROM memory for Siemens PLCs in the S5-90U, S5-95U, S5-100U, S5-110, and S5-115U series. We have experience writing them for you!

We have stored EPROM and EEPROM memories of capacity ranging from 2Kb to 64Kb.

Write / Read Siemens Simatic s5 Memory Submodule
Write / Read EPROM and EEPROM Memories Siemens S5 6ES5375-0LC41

How do you write a Siemens S5 EPROM Memory Submodule? What is the procedure for writing the Siemens S5 Memory Submodule?

Our customer supplies us with the program or source code to be recorded on the EPROM or EEPROM memory submodule. In case the customer doesn’t have the program or the necessary tools to obtain the program from the Siemens S5 PLC, we visit their location to download of the operating PLC or machine.

We can also backup the program from Siemens S5 Memory Submodule, thanks to our memory cartridge readers.

After erasing the EPROM with ultraviolet light , we proceed to record the source code , and then we check that it matches the copy of the program from the Siemens S5 PLC Siemens S5 Memory Submodule.

What is better, EEPROM or EPROM?

The EEPROM memories do not need to be erased with ultraviolet light, they are erased with the same electronic programmer. We have encountered cases where the contents of EEPROM memories had been erased or damaged.

EPROM memories have a window for erasing the memory with ultraviolet light. The deletion of these memories depends on the size of Kb they have. The bigger the memory, the more time it takes to be erased. The time can range from 30 to 60 minutes. Sometimes we have to repeat the process.

So, we always prefer to record in EPROM memories submodules, that guarantee that the information will not be damaged, as long as it is kept in a safe for a long time.

I was able to check the availability of stock and dates to make a PLC backup with the following form.

When finishing writing of all the blocks have been recorded, we simply remove our EPROM, and insert it into the CPU (with the control de-energized, of course).

If the CPU does not have a program in RAM, once we power it up, it will automatically transfer the program from the EPROM (or EEPROM) to RAM (indicated by a fast [flashing |blinking } of the RUN-STOP leds ).

If the selector is in the «RUN» position, and there are no inconsistencies in the program or in the hardware, by itself, the CPU will change to the «RUN» state, and the corresponding green led will stay on permanently. permanently, as well as the red «STOP» led will also be off permanently.

List of memories sumodules for Siemens S5-90U:

List of memories sumodules for Siemens S5-95U, S5-100 y S5-115:


We download Software for PLC Backup.
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We supply memories 6ES5375-0LC41.
We copy and write Siemens S5 memories submodules


The Siemens S5 series of PLCs are already discontinued.
We can help to do the PLC migration.